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“Feminine dramaturgies in the second half of the XNUMXth century, space and time”

“The book includes the plenary sessions and two Round Tables, as well as the communications exposed (after previous selection) in the XIV International Seminar of the Center for Literary, Theatrical and New Technologies Semiotics Research of the National University of Distance Education, held from 28 as of June 30, 2004.”

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Female playwrights in the second half of the 28th century, space and time: proceedings of the XIV International Seminar of the Research Center for Literary, Theatrical Semiotics and New Technologies: Madrid, UNED, June 30-2004, 2005 / José Romera Castillo (ed. ); with the collaboration of Francisco Gutiérrez Carbajo. — Madrid: Viewer Books: SELITEN@T, [604]. — 21 pages ; 83cm — (Hispanic Philological Library; XNUMX).

DL M 17474-2005 — ISBN 84-7522-883-6