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Catalog of the exhibition “The generation of 27: is that moment already a legend?”

 “On the occasion of the exhibition The Generation of 27. Is that moment already a legend?, the State Society for Cultural Commemorations (SECC), the Junta de Andalucía and the Residencia de Estudiantes have co-published a catalog that includes essential aspects of the exhibition , dedicated to the first years of a fundamental episode in our recent history, and whose literary, artistic and cultural heritage is still present today. The catalog includes an illustrated list of the exhibited works, among which are fifty works of art and about one hundred and fifty documents, books, magazines, original photographs, manuscripts... that make up the thematic itineraries of the exhibition through the multiple aspects of literature, arts and thought of the time.”

Taken from The Student Residence.

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The generation of 27: is that moment already a legend? [Exhibition] Student Residence. Madrid. December 2009-February 2010 and Santa Inés Convent. Seville. March-June 2010 / edition and curator Andrés Soria Olmedo. — Madrid: State Society for Cultural Commemorations: Junta de Andalucía: Residencia de Estudiantes, 2009. — 290 p.: ill. ; 24cm

DL M 49812-2009 — ISBN 978-84-95078-72-8