New number received from: Revista de Occidente (nº 347. April 2010)

Summary of this issue:

*The last Cashew. Gregorio Marañón and Bertrán de Lis and Antonio López Vega

*Marañon, humanist doctor. Juan J. López-Ibor Aliño

*The donjuanes of Marañón: between biology and history. Jose Lasaga Medina


*The College of Spain: a space of civility in a turbulent world. Jose Varela Ortega


* Counterfeits and fetishes: adulteration in art and society. gillo dorfles

*Rafael Canogar: record of the antithesis. Antonio Garcia Berrio

*Proust and the cinematographer. Julio Baquero Cruz


*Two poems. Ives Peyre. Presentation of Maryse Privat


* Where the soul nested. Jose Angel Juristo

* The baroque in the (broken) mirror of history. Fernando R. de la Flor

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