New issue received from: Bulletin of Spanish Studies (vol.LXXXVII, nº3. May 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*Locating the Diary of Persecuted Innocence: María de Zayas´Adaptation of Hagiographic Stories. Eavan O'Brien

*Writing and illness: Clarín and Pardo Bazán, once again. Denise DuPont

*The second voice of water and rain in Nada by Carmen Laforet: a necessary company. Edgar Tello Garcia

*The 'Princess' by Joaquín Sabina: nostalgia halfway between love and fear. Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo

*Argentinity and literature in Ricardo Rojas: that 'subtle thing'. Daniel Mesa Gancedo


*Spanish Medieval Art: Recent Studies, edited by Colum Hourihane. Matilda Matthew

*XNUMXth century Bible: Exodus. Leviticus. transcription to the priest of Jaume Riera i Sans; critical devices, notes and glossari curated by Pere Casanellas i Bassols; introductory study of Armand Puig i Tàrrech. Juan Carlos Bayo

*Lo Nou Testament. Translation of Josep Melcior Prat. transcription to priest d´Antoni Coll i Casals; notes by Pere Casanellas i Bassols; introductory study of Pau Alegre i Nadal, Carme Capó i Fuster, Antoni Coll i Casals and Pere Casanellas i Bassols; glossarid´Antoni Coll i Casals and Pere Casanellas i Bassols, reviewed by Albert Rossich. Juan Carlos Bayo

*The Dream of the Poem: Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain 950-1942, translated, edited and introduced by Peter Cole. michelle hamilton

Jarbel Rodriguez, Captives and Their Saviors in the Medieval Crown of Aragon. Rose Vidal Doval

*Miriam Bodian, Dying in the Law of Moses: Crypto-Jewish Martyrdom in the Iberian World. Dean Phillip Bell

*Michael Alpert, Secret-Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition. Helen Rawlings

*Xavier Lawrence, 'New cases, new arts'. Intertextuality, self-representation and ideology in the work of Juan Boscán. Joseph Solevicens

*Anne of San Barolomé, Autobiography and Other Writings, Edited and translated by Darcy Donahue. Margaret A. Rees.

*Metrics and dramatic structure in the theater of Lope de Vega, edited by Fausta Antonucci. Christine Lee

*Great inventor of chimeras. The dramatic worlds of Tirso de Molina, edition of Blanca Oteiza. Mary Louise Lobato

*Burlesque academy that was held in Buen Retiro for the Majesty of Philip Fourth the Great. Year of 1637, critical edition, prologue and notes by M. Teresa Julio. Jonathan David Bradbury

*Theater and music in Spain: the short genres of the second half of the eighteenth century, edition of Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos and Begoña Lolo. Jesus Perez-Magallon

* Andrew Ginger, Painting and the Turn of Cultural Modernity in Spain. The Time of Eugenio Lucas Velazauez (1850-1870). Simon Lee  

*Alison Sinclair, Sex and Society in Early Twentieth-Century Spain: Hildegart Rodríguez and the World League for Sexual Reform. Fr Louise Johnson

*Passion of my life. Studies on Juan Ramón Jiménez, edition of Francisco Díez de Revenga and Mariano de Paco. Federico Bonaddius

*Juan Jose Miles, Personality Disorders and Other Stories, translated by Gregory B. Kaplan, introduction by Pepa Anastasio. alexis grohmann

*Montserrat Lunati Maruny, Inma Monsó: the narrative of irony and difference. Fr Louise Johnson

*Epicteto Diaz Navarro, language games. Around the current Spanish narrative. Abigail Lee Six

*Jose Ismael Gutierrez, Perspectives on Spanish American modernism. George Louis Castillo

*Rita Gnutzman, Novel and short story of the XNUMXth century in Peru, foreword by José Morales Saravia. Jesus Rodero

*Susanne Igler, From the Infamous Intrusa to the Loca del Castillo: Carlota de México in the literature of her adoptive 'homeland'. Sarah EL Bowskill

*Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, Edited, with an introduction, critical analysis, notes and vocabulary, by Anthony Stanton. Victoria Carpenter

*MaryGreen, Diamela Eltit: Reading the Mother. Michael J Lazzara

*A Companion to US Latino Literatures, edited by Carlota Caulfield and Darien J. Davis. William H Castro

*Bernard McGurirk, Falklands-Malvinas: An Unfinished Business. John King

*Political Violence and the Construction of National Identity in Latin America, Edited by Will Fowler and Peter Lambert. william rowlandson  

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