New number received from: LA PERINOLA: Quevediana research magazine (nº 14. 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*Presentation: “Quevedo and North American criticism”. Julian Olivares


*“The generic identity of the buscon: notes on the trajectory of its reception”. Lia Schwartz

*“Carnival and Lent alternations in the buscon de Quevedo: (Batjin as a bridge between American and Spanish Hispanism”. Julio Vélez-Sáinz

*“The persistent ghost of the old mother in the buscon”. Encarnacion Juarez Almendros

*“The semantic anamorphosis in the second debate of Table XL of Everyone's Hour and Fortunata with brains”. Aurora Czegledi

*“Conceptism, history and exemplarity in the Life of Marcus Brutus”. George Czech

* “How should the private be? of Francisco de Quevedo and the Spanish anti-Machiavellian tradition of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries”. Rafael Iglesias

*“Empty inventories. Manuscript circulation and canon formation in Quevedo's first printed collections. Carmen Peraita

*“What to do with 'toxic texts'? The case of Execration against the Jews of Francisco Quevedo. James Iffland

*"Reading Quevedo: Lope". Antonio Carreno

*“The sonnet 'Retired in the peace of the deserts' by Quevedo: essay of a phenomenological reading”. Hernan Sanchez M. de Pinillos

*“Quevedo and Proclo. Ontological reading of the sonnet 'If whoever has to paint you has to see you'”. Kenneth Krabbenhoft

*“Quevedo and contemporary North American poets”. Carlos M. Gutierrez


*“Quevedo, reader of the Anti-Claudian by Alain de Lille. News about new autograph annotations”. Maria Jose Alonso Veloso

*“Body fragmentation and political exegesis in Quevedo”. Enrique Fernandez Rivera

*“The last Quevadian revision of the Seeker: the prince edition (Zaragoza, 1626)”. Maria Jose Tobar Quintanar

*“The “Dedicatory Letter” of the buscon”. Jesus Jorge Valenzuela

*"The scientific lexicon of Quevedo (TV)". Jose Julio Tato Puiggerver


*Garzelli, B. Nulla ten sine line. Letters and iconography in Quevedo, Pisa, ETS, 2008, 198pp. Ignatius Arellano


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