New issue received from: Bulletin of Spanish Studies (vol. LXXXVI, nº7-8. November-December 2009)

Summary of this issue:


*Introduction: IL McClelland (1908-2006). Ann L. Mackenzie

*Appendix: i. L. McClelland Nonsense Rhymes

* YO. L. McClelland (1908-2006) Bibliography (1930-1999). Cery Byrne


*'Contester of Concerns': The Mail of the blind of Madrid 1787 and Public Opinion in Spain on the Eve of European Revolution. YO. L. McClelland (ed. Ann L. Mackenzie)

*Rewriting Spanish Epic Poetry in the Enlightenment Period: Two Competing Interpretations of Cortés's ships destroyed. Clara O'Hagan

*José Marchena and Menéndez Pelayo: the invention of a character. Joaquin Alvarez Barrientos

*An Eighteenth-Century Visual Representation of the Black Population in Trujillo del Perú: Picturing Cultural and Social Difference. Mariselle Melendez

*The Roots of Revolt in Late Viceregal Quito: Eugenio de Espejo between Adam Smith and St Rose. Ruth Hill

*The Authorship of Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rose, Formerly Ascribed to Goya. Nigel Glendinning


*The London Merchant and its relations with dramatic experimentation in eighteenth-century Spain. YO. L. McClelland (ed. Fernando Huerta Viñas)

* Quintana´s Pelayo Revisited. Donald L Shaw

*Power, Opposition and Enlightenment in Moratín´s The yes of the girls. Sally Ann Kitts

*Mistakes, deception and error in The yes of the girls by Leandro Fernandez de Moratin. Philip Deacon

*Playing the Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Spain on the Nineteenth-Century Stage. David T Gies

*A Propaganda Play of 1808: F. Enciso Castrillón´s The defense of Valencia and punishment of traitors. I. L. McClelland (ed. Ann L. Mackenzie)

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