Recommended article: reflection on the graphic novel

“But what exactly is the graphic novel? The term itself, which had previously been used to designate products that have little or nothing to do with what we now understand as such, does not seem to convince almost anyone (it should be said that the same thing has happened historically with the word «comic», so inappropriate for stories that are sometimes not funny at all, not to mention the derogatory "comic" or the idiosyncratic "comic book"). In fact, many contemporary authors have preferred to invent other denominations for their works: “comic strip novel”, “comic strip biography”, “new bande dessinée”… But these do not clarify the matter either; (…)

Santiago García -following Eddie Campbell or Jean-Christophe Menu- concludes that it is the latter, a name for the avant-garde (or, better, the avant-garde) of comics.”

Extract from an article by Manuel Muñiz Menéndez on the work "The graphic novel" by Santiago García, published in ABC de las Artes y las Letras. read full.

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