Reading for the month of June in the Literary Circle

Participate by reading the recommended book and attending the colloquium that is usually held on the last Thursday of each month.

Directed by Soledad Fox.

Cycle “Mujeres – Women: one hundred years of literature”.

Free entry and free prior registration in

 Book of the Month: “The Love Story” by Nicole Krauss

 COLLOQUIUM: Thursday, June 24 at 19:30 p.m.

“Leo Gursky, a retired Polish locksmith in New York, whose obsession is «not to die on a day when no one has seen me», mysteriously receives the manuscript of a text that he thought was lost, accompanied by an enigmatic letter. Installed in the twilight of his life, this surprise leads him to delve into the memories of his distant youth, recovering emotions that he supposed were buried.

Taken from Salamander Editions.

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