New number received from: Anuario de la Lingüística Hispánica (Volume XXIII/XXIV – 2007/2008)

Summary of this issue:

*Abstracts in English and Spanish of the articles


*Tribute to Prof. Dolores Oliver

*"Presentation". Mar Gomez Renau

*“Publications of Dolores Oliver”

*"El Cid in Arab sources". Maria Jesus Viguera Molins

*"Diachronic study of Arabic calligraphic writing". Mar Gomez Renau



*“Precedents of the southern non-precedent aspiration of Latin /f-/”. Jose Maria Chamorro

*“Contrast between the Koiné Spanish of Chile and Mexico through the observation of judicial documents. Introductory study based on some characteristic phonic features of Atlantic Spanish. In memory of Germán de Granda. Natalie Castillo

*“Feminine irony in a XNUMXth century epistolary. Salta, Argentina. Olga Alicia Armata and Ana Maria Fernandez Lavaque

*“Lexical richness of texts written by high school students from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”. Maria Josefa Reyes Diaz

*“Germán de Granada Gutiérrez: Obituary note”. Jose Joaquin Montes Giraldo


*Information on HLA

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