New number received from: ANNALS OF CONTEMPORARY SPANISH LITERATURE (vol. 35 nº2. 2010)

Summary of this issue:


*Symbolic duality of blood in Antonia Bueno's playwriting. lourdes good

*Crossing theatrical borders: the postmodern vision of José Moreno Arenas. Eileen J. Doll

*The press as a fourth power in the theater of Lauro Olmo: political repression in the media and in the performing arts. Raquel Garcia-Pascual

*Maternity and alliance in Bodas de sangre, by Federico García Lorca: a reading from anthropology. Beatrice Monco

*Map of Shadows: Lluïsa Cunillé´s Ontological Rezoning. Anton Pujol

*“The duty of memory”: echoes of Antigone in The plain (1947-2007), by José Martín Remember. Joseph Manuel Reyes

*Urtain (2008): force and nothingness. Juan A. Rios Carratala

*Criticism and debate on the theater crisis in the Barcelona press of the Second Republic. Diana Sanz Roig


*Two stories of a rose: Lorca and the rose mutabilis. Carlos Ugly


*Fourteen emerging voices of current Spanish theater. John P Gabriele


*Cinematic Physiognomy: On the avant-garde narrative characterization model. Gustavo Nanclares


* Komla Aggor. Francisco Nieva and postmodernist theater. Alba Gonzalez Sanz

* Eileen J. Doll. The role of the artist in the dramaturgy of Jerónimo López Mozo. Temporary and intermediate games. Theresa Lopez Pellisa

*Wilfried Flock. Critical studies on contemporary Spanish, Mexican and Portuguese theater. Wilfried Floeck and Sabine Fritz, eds.; The representation of the Conquest in the Spanish theater from the Enlightenment to the end of the Franco regime. Maria Luisa Garcia Manso

*Kristina Jensen, Form des episierenden Metadramas. Ausgewählte Dramentexte José Sanchís Sinisterras und anderer spanischer Gegenwartsdramatiker. Frank R Links

* Rosa Peralta Gilbert. Manuel Fontanals, set designer. Theater, cinema and exile. Raquel Garcia-Pascual

*Jose Romera Castillo, ed. Theater, novel and cinema at the beginning of the XNUMXst century. Emeterio Ten

*Jesus Rubio Jimenez. Black and white portraits. Theatrical caricature in the press (1939-1965). Juan A. Rios Carratala

*Francisca Vilches-de Frutos, ed. Lorca's theater in the construction of the Spanish collective identity. Maria Cristina Assumma

*Wendy-Llyn Zaza. Woman, history and society: the contemporary Spanish dramaturgy of feminine authorship. Immaculate Plaza-Agudo

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