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"Atlas Mnemosyne" by Aby Warburg

 “The publication of Aby Warburg's Atlas Mnemosyne by the Akal publishing house is a bibliographic milestone worthy of being highlighted. The personality of the author, a true humanist who was curious about the most diverse disciplines, has merited studies as ambitious as The Surviving Image, by Georges Didi-Huberman, and the admiration of intellectuals such as Ernst Gombrich, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Robert Curtius, Ernst Cassirer , etc.

The Mnemosyne Atlas deals with the transmission of the iconographic legacy of antiquity through the careful arrangement of significant images, almost without text, in such a way that a changing network of relationships can be established each time one of the plates is observed.”

Taken from laie.

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Atlas Mnemosyne / Aby Warburg ; translation by Joaquín Chamorro Mielke; Martin Warnke edition; Claudia Brink collaboration; Spanish edition of Fernando Checa. — Three Cantos: Akal, 2010. — XVIII, 188 p. : ill. ; 31cm — (Art and aesthetics; 77).

DLM47-2010—ISBN 978-84-460-2825-3