New number received from: Letras Libres (year IX, nº 109. October 2010)

*Free Letters  In Internet

* Cards on the table

*Our partners


*Testiculum Antichristi: the Spanish model of tolerance. Jon Juristi

*The impossible public debate. Manuel Arias Maldonado

* Heretics, monotheists and infidels. Irene Lozano

* Origins of Mexican intolerance. Enrique Krauze

* Continuity solution. Gabriel Zaid

*Who is afraid of the Constitutional Court? Roberto L. Blanco Valdes

* The rag doll (story). Javier Arguello

*Hugh Thomas interview. Christopher Dominguez Michael


*No one will end the books, by Umberto Eco and Jean-Claude Carrière, and reading metamorphosis,by Roman Gubern. Raphael Lemus

*Something is wrong, by Tony Judt. Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz

*hell stone, by Malcolm Lowry. Gustavo Valley

*Time is short, by Zygmunt Barman. Manuel Arranz

*Writings and considerations on art, by Henri Matisse. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

*Why do we cooperate? by Michael Tomasello. Juan Malpartida

*seven novellas, by Carmen Laforet. Laura Freixas

*REREAD: The biggest, by Juan José Saer. Umberto Beck


*CINEMA: Claude Chabrol. Vincent Molina Foix

*TELEVISION: Vicissitudes of working on television. felix romeo

*MUSIC: Interview with Diego El Cigala. Gaston Garcia


*MEMORY: Minimum House. Norman Manea

*IN MEMORIAM: Fates watch over Fogwill. Igancio Bajter

* HOLOCAUST: Love in Berlin. Daniel Gascon

*VENEZUELA: And we went out to kill people. Alberto Barrera Tyszka

*JOURNALISM: WikiLeaks. Gonzalo Single

* LITERATURE: Thoreau and the resistance. Maurice Sanders


*"Eagle esdrújula" and "What else is Gonzalo Rojas accused of". Gonzalo Rojas

*“Tuitah” and “What there is is light”. Aurelio Asiain

*"From branch to branch" and "Something never seen". Maria Negroni

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