New number received from: Salina: Revista de Lletres (Num. 23 – November 2009)

Summary of this issue:


poems. Rosaura Alvarez

*Diverse and dedicated: Antonio Carvajal. Poems selected and annotated by. Dionisio Perez Venegas


*The poetry of women in Italy: Marginalization and Modernity. Poems selected and annotated by. Emilio Coco


*Panegyric exhortation to silence, devotional poem by Pedro Calderón. Elias L Rivers

*Jacinto de Salas y Quiroga, orphan poet, cosmopolitan and romantic. Russell P Sebold

*"The young lady" by E. Pardo Bazán: a way of illustrating a text. Angeles Quesada Novas

*“The patribulary serial every day”: José Fernández Bremón and sensationalism in the periodical press. Rebecca Martin

*Notes around the poem San Miguel by Federico Garcia Lorca. Rosaura Alvarez

* Pain and beauty in Antonio Gamoneda. Armando Lopez Castro

*Circulation problems, authorial and editorial decisions around the testimonies of the Spanish exile. Paula Simon

*Daniel Gil: Visual poetry for the book covers. Jose Manuel Ruiz Martinez

*Visions of nature cultivated: The artistic gardens in the poetry of Antonio Carvajal. Ana Elizabeth Torres

*The Centaur Rebellion: The Culture underground in the magazine The Andalusian Despeñaperro (1978). Fernando Guzman Simon

*Alienation: The life of Juanita Narboni, by Ángel Vázquez, two film adaptations. Nora Glickman

*Character Status Francis of the Port in two Argentine novels. Manuel Fuentes Vazquez

*After the lost original: Memory and identity of exile in the work of María Rosa Lojo. Marcela Crespo Buituron

*The hunter's shots, by Rafael Chirbes, moral radiography of the Franco regime. Fernando Larraz

*Back to words (about Threads by Chantal Maillard). Virginia Trueba Mira

*After the native soil. Salvador de Broca

*Literature in the era of Bill Gates. Gonzalo Navajas


*The epistolary between JM Castellet and Dario Puccini: Valescure's “crazy letter”. Laureano Bonet

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