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“All the stories” by Horacio Quiroga

“More than placing him in a school or acknowledging his debts, perhaps it is important to see what original thing Quiroga brought to our literature. The most obvious is, for now, the one that is enough for us: he was, for Latin America, the inventor of the story. Before anyone else among us, Quiroga did what Poe would do in the United States: he systematized the short story and elevated it, in practice, to the category of a literary genre. His stories are not frustrated novels, or prints, or prose poems, or vignettes. They are stories. They are singular exemplars of an autonomous genre that abides by its own structural laws and is self-sufficient”.

Extracted from the back cover.

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All stories / Horacio Quiroga; critical edition Napoleón Baccino Ponce de León, Jorge Lafforgue coordinators. — Nanterre: Allca XX, 1993. — LIII, 1460 p. ; 24cm — (Archives; 26).

Bibliography: p. 1449-1460

DL M 9768-1993 — ISBN 84-88344-01-5

PQ 8519.Q5 A15 1993

R. 71982