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"Images of the city: poetry and cinema, from Whitman to Lorca” by Darío Villanueva

“This essay published by the Miguel Delibes Chair has been the result of a series of conferences given during a doctoral course at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in October 2007. It is a work in which Darío Villanueva proposes a refreshing journey through the avant-garde, a literary and cinephile journey, with a prose of notable density although clear and without artifice. Images of the city starts from the poetry of Walt Whitman and specifies the study of him in the work Poeta en Nueva York by García Lorca.

Taken from Hispanic letters.

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Author: Villanueva, Darío (1950-)

Title: Images of the city: poetry and cinema, from Whitman to Lorca / Darío Villanueva

Publication: Valladolid: University of Valladolid, Publications Service, DL 2008

Physical Description: 286 p. ; 22 cm.

Series: (Literary essays. Miguel Delibes Chair; 4)