New number received from: Book Magazine (nº169. January 2011)

Summary of this new issue:


* Michael Lewis, The big shotr. inside the doomsday machine, (Norton). Guillian Tette, Fool's Gold. The inside story of JP Morgan and How Wall St. Gredd corrupted its bold dream and created a financial catastrophe (freepress). William D Cohan, House of cards. A tale of hubris and wretched excess on Wall Street (Anchor books). Andrew RossSorkin, Too big to fail. The inside story of How Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system-and themselves (Vikings). Alfonso Carbajo.


*TonyBlair, to travel (Hutchison). Gordon Pentland.


*Monique Cottret, tuer le tyran? The tyrannicide in modern Europe (Fayard). Francis Benigno.

* Rogelio Alonso, Florencio Domínguez and Marcos García Rey. broken lives. History of the men, women and children victims of ETA (Spawn). Francisco J. Llera Ramo.

* Saints Julia. Today is not yesterday. Essays on the Spain of the XNUMXst century (RBA). Joaquin Estefania.


* Edward Lambert, The government of judges and the fight against social legislation in the United States (Techs). Carl Schmitt and Hans Kelsen The Schmitt/Kelsen polemic on constitutional justice. The defender of the constitution versus Who should be the defender of the Constitution? (Techs). Roberto L. Blanco Valdes.

* Alexander Grandson, The malaise of the judges and the judicial model (Trotta). Maria Friar Ortiz.

* Carlos from Cabo, Dialectics of the subject, dialectics of the constitution. (Trotta). Javier Corcuera Atienza.


*Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, Inequality. An analysis of collective (un)happiness (Turner). Miguel Requena.

* Karl R. Popper, After "The Open Society". Social and political writings (Paidos). Robert-Pol Droit, The West explained to the whole world (Paidos). Jose Javier Esparza and Anthony Esolen, politically incorrect guide to western civilization (Citadel). Rafael Nunez Florencio


*Wendy Doniger, The Hindus. An alternative history (The Penguin Press). Arthur Basham, The wonder that was India (Pre-Texts). Henry Luke.


*Janet Browne, Charles Darwin. Trip (University of Valencia); Charles Darwin. the power of place (University of Valencia). Jerry A Coyne, Why the theory of evolution is true (Criticism). Fernando Gonzlez Candelas, The evolution. Darwin and the genome (University of Valencia). Carlos Lopez-Fanjul.


Francois Dosse, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. cross biography (Fund of Economic Culture). Luis Arranz Notary.


Giacomo Casanova, Story of my life (Atalanta). Francois-Rene de Chateaurbriand, memories from beyond the grave (Cliff). Ignacio Grace Noriega.

*Gabriel Miro, Letters (Mediterranean Savings Bank/Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante). Jose-Carlos Mainer.


*James Wood, The mechanisms of fiction. How to build a novel (gredos). Javier Aparicio Maydeu.


*Maj Sjöwall and Per Walöö. Jose Maria Guelbenzu.


*Lolita Bosch (ed.), Voices. Anthology of contemporary Catalan narrative (Anagram). Sergio Doria.

*Juan Eduardo Zuniga, From the snowy woods. Memory of Russian writers (Gutenberg Galaxy/Circle of Readers). James Womack.

* Antonio Soler, Lausanne (Mondadori). Julio Espinosa War.

*Jon Bilbao, Under the influence of the comet (Page break). Israel Meadows.


*Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I am not coming to make a speech (Mondadori). Ricardo Bada.

*Julio Cortazar, Letters to the Jonquières (Alfaguara). Ricardo Bada.


* Galileo: to turns with science and religion. Juan Luis Lorda.

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