New number received from: Current Spanish Linguistics (v. XXXII nº1. Year 2010)


Summary of this issue:

*A study of phonic variation in the framework of the “PRESEEA”: realizations of -/d/- among university-level speakers in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Jose Antonio Samper Padilla, Clara Eugenia Hernandez Cabrera

*Alignment, accent and time in central Asturian. Miguel Cuevas Alonso, Maria Jesus Lopez Bobo 

*The verb mood in Spanish and Italian relative clauses: a contrastive study. Felisa Bermejo Calleja

* Onomasiological approach to the denominations of "bread". Jose Maria Becerra Hiraldo

*Cartography and toponymic studies of Castilla y León. Hermogenes Perdiguero Villarreal

*Ideology in the economic language of the current Spanish press: linguistic and pragmatic resources in economic news. Jose Joaquin Martinez Egido

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