New number received from: IBEROAMERICANA: Essays on letters, stories and society. Iberoamerican reviews. (No. 40, year X. December 2010)

Summary of this issue:


* The barbarians are over Rome again. About the anti-oriental reaction of the Argentine Catholic nationalist thought of the 1920s. Martín Bergel

  *Mothers and daughters in the feminine Bildungsromane of Best disappears, Before and Thirty years. Yolanda Melgar Pernias 

*A critical itinerary on the literary publishing market in Argentina. Jose Luis de Diego 

*The monument to Garibaldi in Buenos Aires (1882-1904). Patricia Andrea Dosio

DOSIER: The political prison in Argentina, between history and memory (1966-1983)

*Presentation. Silvina Merenson, Santiago Garaño 

*The penitentiary system and political prisoners during the configuration of a new repressive strategy of the Argentine State (1966-1976). Debora D'Antonio, Ariel Eidelman 

* Prison treatment and its productive dimension of identities among political prisoners (1974-1983). Santiago Garano 

* Punishable words. Fiction in the resistance of political prisoners. Werner Pertot

*The ex-prison of the Good Shepherd of Córdoba: A disputed territory of memories. Mariana Tello 

*Margarita Belén: the tools of memory. Investigate, commemorate, communicate, demand justice. Ferdinand James


*Interview with Consuelo Treviño: vindicates the work of the half-forgotten Vargas Vila, denying similarities with that of Fernando Vallejo. Fernando Diaz Ruiz 

*The institutionalization of the gender perspective. More recognition? Nora Goren 

*Gender Equity and Income Transfer – Policies to confront poverty in the daily life of women. Marlene Teixeira 

*The power of the collective. Rights discourses and the transformation of feminist identities in post-crisis Argentina. Grace DiMarco 

*Gender justice and social economy: contradictions in the municipal implementation of a conditional cash transfer program in Argentina. Ana Laura Rodríguez Gustá


*Identities and gender relations in processes of social change. New jobs and prospects. Barbara Pottast

*Brazil: The making of. Rudiger Zoller

*Iberian literatures: history and criticism

*Latin American Literatures: History and Criticism

*History and social sciences: Spain

*History and Social Sciences: Latin America

*Index of reviewed titles

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