New number received from: BULLETIN OF THE FREE INSTITUTION OF EDUCATION (II Period, nº 78-79-80. December 2010)


Summary of this issue:


*Presentation: by José-Carlos Mainer and Jose García-Velasco

*Naming the Silver age: 1910, the year of the Residence. Jose-Carlos Mainer 

*The International Summer University in Santander (1932-1936), the last modernizing activity of the Board for the Extension of Studies (1907-1939). Salvador Ordonez

*Memory of my grandfather .Margarita Jiménez

*In Oxford, with Jiménez Fraud. Rafael Benjumea

*The Gibralfaro magazine or the modernity of 1909 from Malaga. Juan Carlos Ara Torralba

*The Malaga of Jiménez Fraud and the Malaga residents of the Residence. Francis Girl

*How the Residencia was possible: intellectuals and monarchical politics. Javier Moreno Luzon

*Reformism, 1912-1923. A proposal for political modernization? Manuel Suarez Cortina

*The blond Efebo in the Residencia de Estudiantes. The Greek Paideia. carmen sanchez

*José Moreno Villa and the spirit of the house. Juan Perez de Ayala

*The visit of Alexis Sluys to the Student Residence. Eugenio Otero Urtaza

* The Student Residence. alexis sluys

*The chair of the Residencia de Estudiantes: international vocation and pro-European project. Isabel Perez-Villanueva Tovar

*From the courses for foreigners at the Center for Historical Studies in the Residencia de Estudiantes to those at the International University of Santander (1912-1936). Josephine Gomez Mendoza

*The Residencia de Señoritas and higher education for women. Almudena of the Cave

*The Foster Laboratory of the Residencia de Señoritas and its directors. Carmen Magallon Portoles

*The cinephilia hosted by the Residencia de Estudiantes. Roman Gubern

*About the publications of the Residence. Andres Soria Olmedo

*Classrooms and Dungeons: Our Natacha, by Alejandro Casona. Maria Dolores Albiac Blanco

*The Residence, the classics and the 27. Julio Neira

*Alberto Jiménez Fraud in exile. james valender

*Alberto Jiménez Fraud at El Colegio de México and Alfonso Reyes at the Residencia de Estudiantes. Javier Garcia-Diego

*John Trend and the Student Residence. Nigel Dennis

*Oxford and Cambridge in Madrid. John Brande Trend

*Federico de Onís, nexus of cultures. Spain, United States, Puerto Rico. Consuelo Naranjo Orovio

* A sad epilogue under the bullets: the Residence during the war. Alvaro Ribagorda

*Residents in Spain after the Civil War. Margarita Saenz de la Calzada

*A current reading of Visita a Machiavelli. Jose Alvarez Junco

*A legendary hill. John Marichal


*Eloy del Potro (1910-2010). Elvira Ontanon


*Holiday colony

* Goodbye to Juan Marichal

*Centenary of the Student Residence

* Free time monitor course

*Inauguration of the Master in Intellectual Property


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