New issue received from: JOURNAL OF HISPANIC STUDIES (Volume XLV, No. 1. March 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Burnt Poems: Virgilio Piñera and the Community of Critical Exchange. Francis Fernandez Medina

*A Literature of Exhaustion: Cuban Writing and the Post-“Special Period". Esther Whitfield

*Je m'abreuve d'eau de coco à la glace et d'ananas. The culinary contexts in Havana of the countess of Merlin. Rita DeMaeseneer

*The Consequences of Capitalism: Horacio Quiroga Writes the Proletariat. Bridgette Gunnels

*Scripts for Modern Mothers: Representations of Motherhood in Delfina Bunge and Alfonsina Storni. Martha Sierra

*Visions of the Lewd: The Latent Presence of the songs of derision in the Miniatures of the Songs of Santa Maria. Ana Isabel Montero

*Atomism and the Feminine Ideal in Ángela Grassi's The snowflake. Nicolas Fernandez-Medina

*Women, Mysticism and Alternative Technologies of the Self in Selected Writings of Emilia Pardo Bazán. jennifer smith

*Unamuno's Saint Manuel Bueno, martyr: Philosophical Skepticism in a Time of Political Upheaval. brian cope


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