New number received from: Letras Libres (year X, nº 114. March 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*To procrastinate. Gabrel Zaid

*Balance of the Mexican biennial. Ricardo Cayuela Gally, Rafael Lemus

*Orpheus (story). Mauricio Molina


*Minimum yearbook (1960-2011) [excerpts]. Edward Chirinos

*Coyoacan. Manuel Vilas

*Ismene. Yannis Ritso


* Weather wars. Why we will kill (and be killed) in the XNUMXst century. By Harald Welzer. Manuel Arias Maldonado

*A Muscovite Saga, by Vasile Aksionov. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

*Everything the devil took, by Javier Pérez Ándujar. Javier Ozon Gorriz

*The Double Life, by Arturo Fontaine. charles franz

*They came looking for him from Berta Vias Mahou. Sonia Hernandez

*Responsibility Begins and In Dreams Responsibilities Begin by Delmore Schwartz. Sergio Galarza

*The Sea of ​​Iguanas, by Salvador Elizondo. Juan Malpartida

*La Señora Rojo, by Antonio Ortuño. Edmundo Paz Soldan


*Audiovisual: Emissions and omissions. felix romeo

*Digital: Copyright and internet. Michael Aguilar


*Politics: Earpieces for a lie. Irene Lozano

*Arab world: Islam and freedom. Antonio Elorza

*Chronicle: Sea of ​​motorcycles in Saigon. Peter Sorela

*Hungary: Democracy or As You Like It. Peter Zilahy


*Infinitesimal Diary: Aesthetics and eroticism. Hugo Hiriart

*Aerolites: rubber turgidities. Enrique Serna

*Synapse: Determinism vs. freedom. Roger Bartra

* Skipper: The mystery of the Swedish detective. William Sheridan

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