New number received from: Crítica (year LX, nº972. March-April 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Education is not neutral. Manuel Aguilera

FROM MONTH TO MONTH. Nevis Saint Martin


* Will it be the end of the world? Carmen Fernandez Aguinaco


* Transformative education of social reality. mercedes blanchard

* Transformative education in contemporary pedagogy. Ana Yuste

*School and education for social transformation. Immaculate Egido

*Education and poverty. John Manuel Moreno

*The right to education. Yusta Aguilar

*Cooperative learning. carmen lopis

* Socio-educational Tables: a proposal for local participation for the benefit of citizens. Monica Jimenez

*What are we talking about when we talk about service-learning? Roser Batle


* The right to education: a pending struggle internationally and in Spain. Valeria Mendez Vigo, Javier Eraso

*Education and Human Rights. Ivan Forero

*Inclusion, a social and educational challenge. mercedes blanchard

USEFUL ADDRESSES. Esther Gonzalez.


* Educate for employment today. Luis Mº López Aranguren


*The other apprenticeships. Joaquin Suarez Bautista


* Around the literary prizes. Planeta Award 2010, Catfight, Eduardo Mendoza. Nadal Award 2011, Where no one finds you, Alicia Giménez Bartlett. Mary Simon.

*Youth and adults with behavior problems. Development of social skills. Manuel Segura. Virginia Fernandez Aguinaco

*We want bread and roses. Emancipation of women and Christianity, Lucía Ramón. canyon road


*The night of the theaters. Javier Lopez

*On January twenty-sixth it opened its doors. Mary Jesus Ramos


* Black Swan, a world according to Barney. Cecilia Garcia


*Infosication. Virginia Fernandez Aguinaco


*The MACBA museum in Barcelona, ​​an unmissable date with contemporary art. Francisco Vincent Galdon  

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