New issue received from: International Letter (Nº 110. Winter 2011)

Summary of this issue:

*From global uncertainty. A reflection on the future. Rowing Bodei

*The lost gift. For an anthropology of corruption. Marcel Henaff

*The common less common. Jean Luc Nancy


*The pantheon of Hollywood cinephiles. Roman Gubern

*The times they Are a changing. Reflections from the trench. Koldo Serra

*Hypothesis of cinema in Spain. Jonas Trueba

* The endless crisis. Juan Cobos

*Shoot in Africa. “The human factor”. Luis Bardon and Mercedes Goiz

*Honor of chivalry: A filmic rereading of Don Quixote. Jenaro Talens

*The cinema is dead. Jean-Luc Godard and Daniel Cohn-Bendit

*That third person. Juan Angel Juristo

* Literary journeys to ancient Greece. Antonio Penades


*Ángeles Encinar (Julia Otxoa); José Luis Rey (J. Pérez Azaustre); Paula Izquierdo (Rogelio Blanco Martinez); Juán Ángel Juristo (Damián TabarovsKy): Martín Gómez (Diana Athill); Toni Montesinos (Paul Auster); Rosa Pereda (Sharon Smith); Carlos Garcia Santa Cecilia (Giles MacDonogh)

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