Weekly selection of news about American culture in the Spanish press

* Interview with Lydia Davis before the recent publication of her "Complete Stories" in Spanish.

 Article by ANDREA AGUILAR published in El Pais on 23/05/2011. Read complete.

* Review of "When Night Falls" by Michael Cunningham.

Article by VICENTE MOLINA FOIX published in Babelia on 21/05/2011. read full.

* Reflection on the exhibition "Night Vision: Photography After Dark" at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Article by ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA published in Babelia on 21/05/2011. read full.

* Review of "Reborn (Early Diaries, 1947-1964)" by Susan Sontag edited by her son David Rieff.

Article by SOLEDAD GALLEGO-DÍAZ published in Babelia on 21/05/2011. Read complete.

Article by LUIS ANTONIO DE VILLENA published in El Cultural on 20/05/2011. Read complete.

* Review of Bob Dylan through cinema in celebration of his seventieth anniversary.

Article by CARLOS REVIRIEGO in El Cultural on 24/05/2011. Read complete.

Article about Woody Guthrie and his influence on Bob Dylan.

Article by MANUEL DE LA FUENTE in El ABC on 24/05/2011. Read complete.