New number received from: Insula (nº 773. May 2011)

Summary of this issue:

*Presentation. Anna Corral Fulla

*The 50-year sediment from Joglars. Reflections on the theater. Albert Boudella

*Els Joglars: “A most sustaining and highly expressive playful allegro” Anna Corral Fullá

*The exiles of Els Joglars. Sharon G. Feldman

*Political satire: Els Joglars and “Ubú” Jill Buckenham

* "Controversy of the Bull and the Torero": A defense of the essential theater. Lourdes Orozco

*”2036 Omena-G”: a journey through time with irony. Magda Ruggeri

* Theater, provocation and ten commandments. Enrique Herreras

*Interview with José Luis Gómez. Anna Corral Fulla

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