New number received from: Letras Libres (year X, nº 117. June 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Degrees of intelligence. Gabriel Zaid

* The meeting (story). Guadeloupe Nettel


*Tongyeong. Leon Plasencia Ñol

*The natural border. Abbas Beydoun

* Goodbye to summer. Gonzalo Rojas


* A moment of rest, by Antonio Orejudo. Rodrigo Fresan

*Our olive green years, by Roberto Ampuero. Victor Manuel Camposeco

*The ill-fated Thomas Bernhard. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

*The servant and the fighter, by Horacio Castellanos Moya. Miguel Huezo

*A whole life of Jan Zabrana, Antonio José Ponte

*The Ursúa Expedition and the Crimes of Aguirre, by Robert Southey. edward moga

*The stories of Cesare Pavese. Maria Lebedev

*The Wild Detectives (a critical rereading), by Roberto Bolaño. Raphael Lemus


*Cinema: Tokyo blues, by tra Anh Hung. Vincent Molina Foix

*Comic: Picasso and the superheroes. Jorge Carrion

*Art: The Trieste of Magris. Matias Nespolo


* Politics: Europe is afraid. Irene Lozano

*Literature: Prowling. Ida Vitale

* International Politics: The death of Bin Laden. Leon Wieseltier

*In memoriam: Ernesto Sabato (1911-2011) Pablo E. Chacón

*Citizenship: The 15 M and the elections. Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz


*Infinitesimal Diary: Names, names. Hugo Hiriart

* Aerolites: Superfluous communication. Enrique Serna

* Synapse: The moral brain. Roger Bartra

* Hopper: Journey to the East. William Sheridan


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