New number received from: JOURNAL OF SPANISH PHILOLOGY (vol. XCI, nº1. January-June 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Should) + infinitive: a case of free variation in Spanish? Conditioning factors in a phenomenon of syntactic alternation. Jose Luis Blas Arroyo

*Some versions of Progne and Filomena. Jose Fradejas Lebrero

*The deixis/anaphora distinction and its application to the forms of person in Spanish. Marcos Garcia Salido

*The death of Ulysses in the General Estonia (Part III): parricide and forgiveness in the work and life of Alfonso X. grace dove

*"Deceive with the truth" New art, see 319. Victor de Lama

*Constable Miguel Lucas in his Chronicle. Jose Julio Martin Romero


*History as an explanatory resource and coding support in the current academic work. Maria Teresa Echenique Elizondo

*On the centenary of Maria Rosa Lida de Malkiel. Angel Gomez Moreno


*Jose Fradejas Lebrero (1924-2010) Carlos Alvar, Juan Sanchez Mendez, Miguel Angel Perez Priego, Esther Hernandez

*Bibliographic notes


*Books received

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