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"Poetry with names" by Blas de Otero

“As expressed by some critics of the poetic work of Blas de Otero, his forays into Spanish ballads, his knowledge of the masters of the Golden Age and also, his particular preferences for poets such as César Vallejo, and San Juan de la Cruz , participate to a large extent in his capacity for synthesis, in the linguistic games that the poet achieves with the formal rupture of some traditional verses, the masterful use of the hyperbaton, the enjambments and other poetic resources.”

Taken from Artepoetics.

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Poetry with names / Blas de Otero. - Madrid: Alliance: Alfaguara, 1985. - 101 p. ; 18 cm. — (The Pocket Book. Literature; 637).

DL M 42300-1976 — ISBN 84-206-1637-0

PQ 6627.T35 P64 1977

R. 78916