New number received from: Crítica (year LX, nº975. September-October 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*With the rope around his neck. Manuela Aguilera

FROM MONTH TO MONTH. Nevis Saint Martin


*Double standards against new types of slavery. Rachel Tanarro


*Figures and data

– Some modest comparisons. Charles Taibo


– Poverty in Spain: indicator of a mirage of social development. Victor Renes Ayala and Juan J. Lopez Jimenez

– Employment and poverty. Situation in Spain. Carlos Garcia Serrano

– The educational situation in the current context: determining factors and effects. Myriam Lopez de la Nieta

– Possible exits from the current crisis. Henry of the River

– From “living in crisis” looking for alternatives. Raquel Embid Sanz, Daniel García Blanco and Antonio Jiménez Gabarret


– The situation of immigrants from the services of Caritas in an impoverished Spain. Sergio Barciela Fernandez

– Homelessness is much more than being homeless. Sonia Ferreras

– The 2020 strategy: unattainable goals in an adverse context?. Jose Manuel Fresno

– Strategies to combat social exclusion in an impoverished Spain. Emilio Jose Gomez Ciriano

– Psychological aspects of the person as a consequence of the crisis and impoverishment in Spain. Beatriz Becerro of Bengoa Vallejo

– Generation Next, Generation Debt. Notes for a provisional analysis of the movement of the indignant. Victor Manuel Mari Saez

*Useful addresses

– Esther Gonzalez


– Social services in an impoverished Spain. Married Demetrius


– Hot and cold dinners… A social dining room in the Madrid dining room: Brotherhood of the refuge. Virginia Fernandez Aguinaco

*To know more




- Feminine theology: meanings and contributions. Eduardo Lopez Azpitarte


– If you tell me to come, I'll leave everything… but tell me, come. Albert Espinosa. Mary Simon

- To create. How a creative mind develops. carmen lopis

– Didactics of mental operations. understand. What is it?How does it work?Vol.1.Luigi Tuffanelli. Maria Rosa Elosua de Juan


- The National. Javier Lopez

– Brand new finish. Maria Jesus Ramos


- The Skin I Live In

- There will not be peace for the evil ones

* Faith and culture

– Palliative. Norbert Alcover


– 13 and yellow. Virginia Fernandez


– The Prado Museum reorganizes its collections. Francisco Vincent Galdon

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