New issue received from: Book Magazine (nº 258. November 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Metadata: protagonists of LIBER. In the 29th edition of LIBER the word “metadata” has been present in all the conferences. The term digital has already settled in the minds of publishers and is here to stay. Teresa M. Fishes


* Editorial groups, who is who. When there are many publishing groups operating in a country, you never know which publisher belongs to whom. To shed a little light on this business fabric, we have prepared this dossier. angels castle


*In the literary footsteps of Japan. First it was the Nordics, now the Japanese, just find the gold mine and dig a little into it. It all started with Murakami… Azucena Zarzuela


*Future and tradition in Frankfurt 2011. The world's largest publishing meeting where the electronic book has also been the protagonist. Interviews with Ana R. Cañol and Najat el Hachim.


*Library News


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