New number received from: Letras Libres (year XI, nº 124. January 2012)

Summary of this issue:


*Nicanor Parra, celebration and memories. Ida Vitale

*MY friend Václav Havel (1936-2011). adam micnik

* Synonyms and distinctions. Gabriel Zaid


* The word is the house of being. Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda

*1943. Anthony Cisneros

*Freshwater fisherman. Pura Lopez Colome

* Underworld in New York. Homer Aridjis


*Pete Hamill, between New York and Mexico. Angel Jaramillo


*The literary journey. Fifty Essays, by VS Pritchett. Christopher Dominguez Michael

*Rating, by Alberto Barrera Tyszka. John Joseph Becerra

*Complete works & something + (1975-2006), by Nicanor Parra. Eduardo Moga

* Lives of Pythagoras, by David Hernández de la Fuente

*Confessions of a poor novelist, by Umberto Eco. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

* Treatise on injustice, by Reyes Mate. Ishmael Grease

ARTS AND MEDIA           

*Cinema: The Artist, by Michel Hazanavicius. Vincent Molina Foix

*Art: Six notes on epistolarity and image. Jorge Carrion

*Art: Ciao, pagliaccio, about Maurizio Cattelan. Maria Minera


*In memoriam: Christopher Hichens (1940-2011). Daniel Gascon

*Science: Pinker's secular humanism. Mª Teresa Giménez Barbat.

*In memoriam: Javier Pradera. Michael Aguilar

* Identity and literature: Invisible countrymen. Raphael Lemus

*Justice: Writing Argentine History. Graciela Mochkofsky


*Infinitesimal diary: Minimal observations on Cervantine appetizers. Hugo Hiriart

* Synapse: Freedom at stake. Roger Bartra

*Aerolites: Ravages of scholarship. Enrique Serna

*Salt Apatrás: swimming memory. William Sheridan

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