New number received from: ANNALS OF CONTEMPORARY SPANISH LITERATURE (vol. 37 nº1. 2012)

Summary of this issue:


*Conceptualizations of body fragmentation in female love poetry in Spanish and English. Mercedes begoechea.

*Masculinity, misogyny and mass in Blind Sunflowers by Alberto Méndez. Lisa Renée di Giovanni

*Masculinity, war and marriage in La Plaça del Diamante by Mercè Rodoreda. Kathryn Everley

*”Angulos de Madrid” (1932-1934): the artistic collaboration of Ramón Gómez de la Serna and the photographer Alfonso Sánchez Portela. Ricardo Fernandez Romero

*Dialogic enunciation and migrant identity in Call me Brooklyn. Hans Lauge Hansen 


* Victor Alperi, writer. Maria del Carmen Bobes Naves

*Pío Baroja and Aldred A. Knopf. forty years of editorial relationship. Fernando Gonzalez Ariza 


*A round trip life: conversation with Antonio Muñoz Molina. Francis Silver

*An unpublished interview with Joesfina Aldecoa. Francisca Martinez


*The other critique: reflections on identity, immigration and ethics in contemporary artistic representation. Jose Manuel Pereiro Otero 


*Joan Brown, Confronting our canons. Spanish and Latin American studies in the 21st century (David K. Herzberger)

*Elisabeth Delrue, dir. Le roman espagnol between 1880 and 1920: état des lieux (Eva Lafuente)

*Carlos Feal, Lives and deaths of mine (Moira Alvarez)

*Alexis Grohmann and Maarten Steenmeijer, eds. There where one would say that there can be nothing. Your face tomorrow by Javier Marías (Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones)

*Carmen Martín Gaite, Complete Works III: Short Narrative, Poetry, and Theater (Kathleen M. Glenn)

*Alejandro Mejías-López, The inverted conquest: the myth of modernity and the transatlantic onset of modernism (C. Christopher Soufas, Jr.)

*Juan Mollá, Against Time: Poetic Anthology (W. Michael Mudrovic)

*José Antonio Pérez Bowie. Read the cinema. Literary theory in film theory (Daniel Acle Vicente)

*José Antonio Pérez Bowie, ed. Filmic rewritings: new territories of adaptation (María José Quevedo)

* Santos Sanz Villanueva, The Spanish novel during the Franco regime. Itineraries of abnormality (Inmaculada Plaza-Agudo) 

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