New number received from: CUADERNOS HISPANOAMERICANOS (nº 740. February 2012)

Summary of this new issue:

* A country of poets called Nicaragua. Benjamin R. Prado

Today's literature in Nicaragua:

*A happy passion. Sergio Ramirez

*Sheherazade or the word as a source of life. Gioconda Belli

*The spirit of the forest: shadow and wings in Claribel Alegría. Blanca Castellon

*100 years of PAC. Pedro Xavier Solís Cuadra

*Woman and paradise in the work of Carlos Martínez Rivas. nicasio urbina

*Carlos Martínez Rivas at INTECNA. Javier Padilla

* The loving combat of writing. Yaoska Tijerino

*Nicaragua: nodes of a dialogical literature. Emily Persola

* Premises of a poetry workshop. Martha Eleanor Gonzalez

*Blanca Castellón: "reading Cortázar in today's Managua hurts, from what looks like his Casa Tomada." Mary Escobedo Prieto

* Elegy to Cristina Downing. Ernest Cardinal

* Poems. Claribel Joy

* Poems. Francis of Assisi Fernandez

*Written with what is absolutely necessary. Edwin Iyescas

* Juvenile. Carlos Fonseca Grisgby

*Variations of the in vitro kiss to Daniela Di Marco. John Sobalvarro

*The translator and the umbrella of Mary Poppins. Ulises Juarez Polanco


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