New number received from: CURRENT SPANISH: VIVO SPANISH MAGAZINE (nº 96. 2011)


Summary of this issue:



*Again, on the linguistic attenuation procedures. Marta Albelda Marco and Ana María Cestero.

*Notoriously and other modal adverbs of epistemic valuation. Juan Manuel Cuartero Sanchez.

* Grammatical constructions and use of the article in Spanish. Mar Garachana Waiter.

*Processes of reformulation in oral discourse; correction and rectification. Maria Pilar Garces Gomez.

*Unfortunately and sadly: Contrastive study of two emotional evaluation adverbs in current Spanish. Carlos Melendez Quero.

*Tell me where you look and I'll tell you what you understand: experiments on understanding discursive particles. Oscar Loureda and Laura Nadal.

* Agreement and disagreement. discourse markers. good, good, okay and okay. Margarita Porroche Ballesteros.




*Down, forward, inside, outside, up, behind? Marta Fernandez Mayor.

*Discursive differences between true y an uncertain. Marina Gonzlez Sanz.



*Discourse markers: from description to definition, Vervuert/Iberoamericana, Frankfurt to M./Madrid, 2011 (LAURA RAMÍREZ SAINZ). Heidi Aschenberg and Óscar Loureda Lamas (eds.)



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