End-of-term celebrations at the Institute

On Saturday, June 16th, the Young Learners Saturday classes did a show for their parents and classmates. Young Learners 2 and 4 did “Readers' Theater” pieces, Young Learners 3 did a newscast with some amazing stories, and Young Learners 6 students acted as greeters and presenters for all the other acts. 

Everyone enjoyed the show, and the kids got to show off the English they learned this year with their fantastic teachers: Alicia and Donna, Alisha, Chloe, Chris and Christine.

Alisha's and Chloe's classes wrote their own scripts.

After studying Martin Luther King, Jr., and other figures of the civil rights movement in the United States, as well as discussing discrimination and civil rights in Spain, the Young Learner's 4 Saturday class put their heads together to write their own anti-discrimination fable using words from their vocabulary notebooks. Here is what they presented in a “Readers' Theater” format for us:

The Possum and the Raccoon: an anti-discrimination fable

 One day, in a forest in Georgia, animal friends were talking about the raccoon's party… all except one. The possum didn't have a lot of friends because the other animals said that he was very nasty, above all the raccoon.

That morning, the possum was looking for food when he saw a lot of animals with presents.

"Where are you going?" the possum asked the bird.

“We are going to the raccoon's party. Hurry up! The party is going to start soon,” answered the bird.

The possum thought, 'Oh, a party could be fun!', and he followed the animals. All the animals went into the garden, but when it was the possum's turn, a very big fox stopped him.

“Sorry, you aren't on the list,” said the fox.

"Que? There must be some mistake,” said the possum.

"Is there a problem?" asked the raccoon, who had appeared from inside the garden.

“Yes, I'm not on the list,” said the possum.

“Of course, you're nasty. You can't be in my party,” answered the raccoon.

Then the possum left. He was confused and sad. On his way home, he heard screams and he saw the animals were running away.

He went back into the raccoon's garden and saw that a big bear was attacking the raccoon.

The possum tried to distract the big bear by dancing. The bear saw the possum and scratched him with his claws, while the raccoon escaped. The possum pretended to be dead. The bear saw that the possum was dead and shouted, “I want fresh meat! I'm going to look for another meal.” And the bear left.

Then the raccoon went and asked the possum if he was alright. The possum answered, "I'm fine." The raccoon told the possum that he liked his dancing, and said, “Show me your moves.”

Weeks later, all the animals were friends, and the possum was never alone again.