New number received from: LA PERINOLA: Quevediana research magazine (nº 16. 2012)


Summary of this issue:

* The woman in Quevedo. David Felipe Arranz and José Luis Rivas Cabezuelo (coordinators)


*Of love and revenge in the poetry of Quevedo: perspectives of the aged beloved in the tradition of Carpe Diem". Maria Jose Alonso Veloso.

* Female models in the poetry of Quevedo. Ignatius Arellano.

* The eroticism in Quevedo's love poetry: the objects of desire. Alicia Gallego Zarzosa.

*Certain enemies of Quevedo: the batracias and the "hembrilatinas". Lina Rodriguez Cacho

* The Lisi of Quevedo. Marie Roig Miranda.

* Pictorial portraits of women in the poetry of Quevedo. Ana Suarez Miramon.

*The figures of Eva and María in Quevedo's work. Maria Vallejo Gonzalez.


*New technologies and social networks in Humanities research. Alvaro Baraibar and Shai Cohen.

 *A spin on the rhetorical tradition in Francisco de Quevedo: Spain defended as monument propaganda and canonization (with an excursus on the survival of Quintilian). Francisco J. Escobar.

 * The disciplining gallant in the poetry of Quevedo. Luciano Lopez Gutierrez.

 *Annotations to the silva  To the bones of a king that were found in a sepulcher of Francisco Quevedo. Henry Moreno Castillo.

 *From Cervantes to Quevedo: testament and death of Don Quixote. Adrian J. Saez.

 *The comic decorum of the buscon: parody of Watchtower by Mateo Aleman. Maria Jose Tobar Quintanar.

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