First reading for the month of September of the cycle "The others from the United States" of the Literary Circle

Participate by reading the recommended book and attending the colloquium that is usually held on the last Thursday of each month. Session led by Jacqueline Cruz, Ph.D.

Cycle “The others of the United States: differentiated groups in American culture and society”

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Book of the month: “Sula” by Toni Morrison

“This is the story of Sula and Nel, two girls who grow up together in a black neighborhood, sharing their dreams and hopes. Both are precocious and curious, daughters of poor families. But time passes and when Nel gets married, Sula leaves the suburb to go to college and travel the country. Ten years later, Sula returns and unintentionally destroys Nel's family and happiness. From then on, she is considered an evil witch by the colorful suburbanites… Set in the USA between the wars, Sula is a portentous portrayal of the power of the feminine in a poor, rural black community, where women women reign as mothers, sorceresses and repositories of oral tradition.”

 Taken from Lecturalia.

COLLOQUIUM: Thursday, September 27 at 19:30 p.m.