New issue received from: ANALES GALDOSIANOS (Year XLVII 2012)


A Note on Balzac and Galdós. Rodolfo Cardona

All Clarin. Jose Manuel Gonzalez Herran  

“[E]l man reveals himself to us better”: The Place of Photography and the Visual Arts in Misericordia. Curtiss Wasson

Nature and Culture in Pepita Jiménez. James Whitton


Galdos and Balzac. Carlos Ollero

Selection of letters exchanged between Concepcion Morell and Benito Perez Galdos during 1892. Mª de los Ángeles Rodríguez Sánchez


Clio and the magical peñola: history and novel (1885-1912) (review). Michael Adam Carroll

Studies in Honor of Vernon Chamberlin (review). Alicia Cerezo Paredes

Galdos and Max Aub. Poetics of realism (review).. Santiago Fortuño Llorens

C'est ça le théâtre! Josep Yxart and the theater of his seu temps (review). Mònica Fuertes-Arboix

Critical work (1888-1908) (review). Cristina Patino Eirin

Mapping the Social Body: Urbanisation, the Gaze, and the Novels of Galdós (review). Dale J Pratt

Marginal Subjects: Gender and Deviance in Fin-de-siècle Spain (review). jennifer smith

Glory (review). Marisa Sotelo Vazquez

From the Outside Looking In: Narrative Frames and Narrative Spaces in the Short Stories of Emilia Pardo Bazán. Joyce Tolliver


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