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Number 88 (2012)


Presentation, Fernando del Rey

  • Presentation, Fernando del Rey
  • Democratization and political violence in the interwar world: an open question, Manuel Álvarez Tardío
  • The assault of the skies: a comparative perspective for the Spanish anticlerical violence of 1936, Julio de la Cueva Merino
  • Disorder and strong State in the First Portuguese Republic, Diego Palacios Cerezales
  • In defense of democracy: public order policies in republican Spain, 1931-1936, Gerald Blaney
  • Of fists and guns. Phalangist violence and fascist violence, José Antonio Parejo Fernández


  • The law of custom. Rustic leases and property rights in the Huerta de Valencia (XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries), Samuel Garrido
  • Traitors. An approach to strikebreaking in the province of Barcelona, ​​1904-1914, Juan Cristóbal Marinello Bonnefoy
  • The gender debate in the 1978 Constitution: origins and consequences of the new consensus on equality, Pamela Radcliff


  • The world of work during the Franco regime. Some comments in relation to historiography, José Babiano


  • El Spanish Biographical Dictionary, the past and historians, José Luis Ledesma


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