Young Learners 6: Rebranding and Career Day

The Young Learners 6 class has been working on various topics around the world of entertainment and work. First, they talked about Rebranding, a phenomenon that leads people to change their look and character in order to attract more public. And secondly, her teacher, Christine, invited a journalist, Timisha Dixon, to talk to the students about the different turns life takes, and the ones that led her to change professions at different times in her life. . We thank Christine for her initiative, and Timisha for sharing her time and her experience with our students.

Below you can read the summaries of the activities, written by the students.

marina maria celia rebranding 2Rebranding Class:

 Last week, we were talking about Rebranding. Rebranding is when someone changes their appearance or personality to become famous and more marketable. To start, we watched a video about how some famous people have changed their names, got plastic surgery and makeovers to become more remarkable. Then we drew a picture of our best friends, and then rebranded them and presented the changes. We were shocked by how many normal, pretty girls had changed themselves to become famous.

Paula and Lucia 2

Timisha Dixon YL 6 2Career Day:

Last week, a journalist called Timisha Dixon visited us to talk about the world of journalism and TV production. First she spoke about her beginnings de ella, she was born in Queens NY, and she wanted to be a writer. Then she changed her mind, because she realized that there were some disadvantages in that career, and she ended up studying media communication and also journalism. Once she finished, she took some jobs that didn't get her enough money to pay off her student loans. For a few years, she worked as a blogger, on the radio, as a Hip Hop/R and B music interviewer. She got tired, especially because she wasn't making enough money, and she decided to give up her career and move to Spain to become a teacher to start over. So far she loves it and she´s really happy with her life de ella here, and we all thank Timisha for coming and speaking to us.