New number received from: ANNALS OF CONTEMPORARY SPANISH LITERATURE (vol. 37 nº3. 2012)


Summary of this issue:


* The esoteric aesthetics of Lugones and Valle-Inclán. Virginia Miller Garlitz

* Cars for silhouettes and masses. New art from the AEFA Chamber Theater (FUE): premiere of Sacrilegio de ValleÍnclán (1934). Antonio Gago Rodo

* Valle-Inclán and Moya del Pino: looking for the faithful balance (I). Jesus Rubio Jimenez

The horns of Don Friolera and censorship, between chamber theater and commercial (1966-1969). Guadalupe Soria Tomas


* Ramón del Valle-Inclán and Francisco de Goya: a forgotten interview about an illustrious centenary. Daria Alesi

* Autograph letters and poems from Valle-Inclán to Luisa Díaz Sáenz Valiente (1910). Daisy Santos Zas

* Bibliography of Ramón del ValleÍnclán. Javier Serrano Alonso/Amparo by Juan Bolufer


* Margarita Santos Zas, Ed., Valle-Inclán at the Great Theater of the World. Theater. Theater Poetics Magazine (Juan Aguilera Tailor).

* Jesús Rubio Jiménez and Antonio Deaño Gamallo, Ramón del Valle-Inclán and Josefina Blanco: The Pedestal of Dreams (Sanda Dominguez Carreiro)

* José Carlos Valle Pérez, Director, Portraits of Valle-Inclán (Pontevedra Museum, October 28 or December 11, 2011) (Jose Manuel Gonzalez Herran)

* Dru Dougherty, Icons of Tyranny: The Critical Reception of “Tirano Banderas” (1926-2000) (Bruce Swansey)


* Practice and theory of translation in Unamuno: four unpublished letters. Jose Manuel Pereiro Otero/Francisco Plata

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