New issue received from: Current Spanish Linguistics (v. XXXV/I Year 2013)


Summary of this issue:

*Nasal labialization in Spanish: the role of the suprasegmental structure, Carlos-Eduardo Piñeros.

*The Spanish distancing particles de, abs-, ex, dis-, des- and since: semantic structures and fields of use, Marcial Morera.

*Towards a model of linguistic characterization of the evaluative phrases of current Spanish: the case of “thanks to God”, Carlos Meléndez Quero.

*Extension of the corpus and pedagogical capacity of the dictionaries: the integral didactic repertoires, Humberto Hernández.

*Gender and variation: tendencies in the Sevillian local press, Juana Santana Marrero.

* Diachronic variation of the available Dominican lexicon, Orlando Alba.


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