New number received from: Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos (nº755. May 2013)


Summary of this issue:

Scrambled Table

*Alex Mata Pons: Modern orthodoxy and technological revolution in the < > by Roberto Arlt
*Walter Cassara: Pablo Palacio: The guillotined novel
Alex Chico: The perpetual light. Seven notes on Ángel Campos Pámpano
Mario Martin Gijon: Jacinto-Luis Guereña and the aporias of bilingualism
Armando Lopez Castro: On the poetic poems of Rubén Darío


*Antonio Jose Ponte: Four poems
Andres Neuman: 9×4 aphorisms = 36 perplexities


*Carmen of Eusebius: Antonio Lopez Ortega >


*Adolfo Sotelo Vazquez: The faithful text of Josep Pla's masterpiece
Manuel Pool: The reverse of the myth
Arthur Ramos: the name of mexico
Juan Angel Juristo: Javier Tomeo's tremulous bestiary
Elizabeth of Arms: John Elliot, a passion to understand history


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