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“It was in the air” by Sergio Vila Sanjuán

 was in the air

“A woman from high society, very beautiful and very unhappy. An advertising man embarked on a radio program looking for missing persons. A well-connected political tycoon willing to consolidate his empire. A young man from the North who traces his origins. In the Barcelona of 1960, the trajectories of all of them intersect, illuminating opposing environments. It was in the air is a story of feelings and personal search, of journalism and business intrigues, which takes place in a historical moment little addressed by the current narrative. A moment in which Spain was beginning to emerge from post-war darkness to become a consumer society, enlivened by television promotions and elegant summer parties in the moonlight, like the ones frequented by the protagonists of this novel.”

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It was in the air [Printed text] / 1st ed.

Year of publication: 2013