New number received from: BULLETIN OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF HISTORY (volume CCX, notebook II. May-August 2013)

Summary of this issue:

* Causes and economic consequences of the war of Spanish succession. Carmen Sanz Ayan

* Diego de Urrea (C. 1559-October 1616), Arabic, Turkish and Persian translator at the court of Spain: new biographical news. Jose M. Floristan

* Reflections and hypotheses about some genealogical unknowns of the old Asturian dynasty. Jaime Salazar and Acha

* Elements that shape memory and identity in the medieval Andalusian nobility. Rafael Sanchez Saus

* Portrait frames from the Royal Academy of History by Ginés de Aguirre, Goya, Bayeu, Carnicero and other painters. Jorge Maier Allende and Abraham Rubio Celada


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