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“The dissenting criticism” by Anna María Guasch


“The fact of choosing the interview as the format of «artistic literature» responds to the boom that it experiences as a literary genre when dealing with the system of contemporary art and its different agents (the artist, the critic, the curator). As Michael Diers argues, we are facing a "fashion" (that of the interview as an authoritative voice in contemporary art) that seems to be in tune with the "conversational" society that dominates public expression under what Guy Debord describes as the "society of the spectacle". This particular and subjective "journey through critical thought" that we propose provides a comprehensive study of the way in which the conceptions, horizons, methods and also the historiographical results of the thinkers themselves are transformed. At another time, perhaps it will be appropriate to locate the works and contributions of these art theorists, critics and historians in their different historiographical, social, intellectual and political contexts. But on this occasion we believe we have provided, through the intellectual affiliations of the various authors, enough meeting lines, influences, circulation networks, ultimately trying to explain, as Walter Benjamin proposed, the "cultural climate" of an era through of the work and of the individual-author of this work. But also to this individual and his work as complex expressions of his own time”

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The discrepant criticism [Printed text] : interviews on art and current thought (2000-2011) / Anna Maria Guasch ; [Yve-Alain Bois…et al.]. 

1st ed. 

Madrid: Chair, 2012.