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“Avant-garde voyages: essays on the prose of New art” by Domingo Ródenas de Moya

avant-garde cruises

“A traverse is a cross road and also a hidden alley between the main streets. These avant-garde Travesías appeal to both directions, in which the innovative prose of the avant-garde is studied, the relationship between dance and writing, the incidence of cinema in new fiction, international contacts (TS Eliot, James Joyce, Valery Larbaud) of the New Spanish Art, creative literary criticism, the relationship between novel and politics. Through these journeys, personalities and works that allow us to elucidate Spanish literary modernity are accessed: Antonio Marichalar, Pedro Salinas, Benjamín Jarnés, Juan Chabás, Mauricio Bacarisse, Mario Verdaguer or Antonio de Obregón.”

Extracted from the cover of the issue.

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Avant-garde voyages [Printed text] : essays on the prose of new art / Domingo Ródenas de Moya. — 1st ed. — Madrid: Becoming, 2009.

521 pages ; 22cm — (Becoming essay; 18).

DL S-1.417-2009. — ISBN 978-84-96313-97-2

 PQ 6072 .R63 2009

R. 201163151