New number received from: IBEROAMERICANA (Year XIII, nº 52. December 2013)



Articles and essays

Ana María Vara: A Latin American and Latin Americanist discourse on natural resources in the “paper mill case”

Evandro Fernandes: SOS Europa Faminta. Committee for the Relief of Faminous Europe – SEF – (1946-1949)

Rafael Arce: The destruction of the anthropomorphic statute of the narrator in the work of Juan José Saer

Rogelio Castro Rocha: The violated body in La carne de René, by Virgilio Piñera

Dossier: Intersections. Subjects and problems of intellectual itineraries in the XNUMXth century

Coordinated by José Zanca

Jose Zanca: Presentation.

Ricardo Pasolini: Between antifascism and communism: Aníbal Ponce as an icon of an intellectual generation

Marcelo Timotheo da Costa: A life in history: thinking about the trajectory of Alceu Amoroso Lima

Alejandro Blanco / Luiz Jackson: Four Aces: Critics and Sociologists in Brazil and Argentina

Sylvia Saitta: Roberto Arlt in his biographies

Horacio Tarcus: The collective biography. For a Dictionary of the Left and Latin American Social Movements

Discussion Forum

Regina Samson: From the first postmodern coup. History, fiction, journalism and the possibilities of writing. Interview with Javier Cercas

Héctor Ghiretti: An Argentine paradox: escrache and fascism

Cordula Tibi Weber: The challenges of being a president “for all Paraguayans” and the democratization process

Grades. Iberoamerican reviews

María José Rodilla León: Novel about the paternity of a mestizo manuscript

Pilar Torres Vicente: Back to Pío: four Barojian studies

Iberian literatures: history and criticism

Latin American Literatures: History and Criticism

History and social sciences: Spain

History and Social Sciences: Latin America

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