Fourth reading of the 2013-2014 cycle of the Library's Literary Circle

Participate by reading the recommended book and attending the colloquium that is usually held on the last Thursday of each month. Session led by Jacqueline Cruz, Ph.D.

Cycle “Representations of American society in foreign literatures”

Free and free admission with prior registration at

Book of the Month: “Shadows on the Hudson” by Isaac B. Singer

shadows-on-the-hudson-9788498724615“In New York, a group of Polish Jews who fled Nazism meet regularly at the house of the prosperous Boris Makaver. Some have barely gotten over the experience of war; others, younger, perceive a hopeful future in a country in which to put down roots.”

Taken from The book house.

Colloquium: Thursday, January 30 at 19:30 p.m..

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