New number received from: Letras Libres (year XIII, nº148.January 2014)

Free lyrics 148


The crisis of the intellectuals. Round table: Félix de Azúa, Irene Lozano, José Andrés Rojo.


*Mark Lilla: Isaiah Berlin against the grain

*TS Elliot: East Coker

*Norman Manea: Shadows of the Past, Shadows of the Present

*Gabriel Zaid: Chronology of progress up to 2.500 years ago

*MJ Coetzee: The old woman and the cats


Gabriel Zaid: Criticism for what?. Fernando Garcia Ramirez.

Thirty years of “For a democracy without adjectives”. Jesus Silva-Herzog Marquez

Ethics elements. Christopher Dominguez Michael.


*The particle accelerator. Julio Trujillo

*Hancock. Ernesto Hernandez Busto


*Michael Walzer, by Ángel Jaramillo.


*Very brief account of the destruction of the Indies, by Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (edition by Manuel Martinez Torrejón). Rodrigo Martinez Baraks.

*How to be a woman by Caitlin Moran. Estefania Vela Beard.

*In search of lost meaning. The New Eastern Europe by Adam Michnik. Daniel Gascon.

*The color of Nell Leyshon's milk. Leah Bonnin.

* The manifest communist: a ghost travels the world again, by Iván de la Nuez. Patrick Pron.

*Ramón Andrés's luthier from Delft. Andrew James.

*What has no name of Piedad Bonnett.María Virginia Jaua.

*Oliver Shacks hallucinations. Alloma Rodriguez.


*Cinema: New Mexican cinema. Vicente Molina Foix.

*Music: Mecano: the force of the cheesy. Alloma Rodriguez.


*Correspondence: the letters on the table. Xavier Pericay.

*Chess: Billy. Merlin Acevedo.

*Poetry: The glass of Gorostiza. Andres Sanchez Robayna.

*Science: Biology of altruism. Maria Teresa Giménez Barbat.

*Magic: Library of illusionism. Laia Jufresa.

*Infinitesimal Journal: Bible and literature. Hugo Hiriart.


* SYNAPSES: Piranesi: melancholy as an inner prison.

*AEROLITES: The handling of happiness. Henry Serna.

*SALTAPATRÁS: Cousin Guillermo. William Sheridan.

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